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About Medford Truss Company
Founded in 1993, Medford Truss Company is
a premier manufacturer of metal plate connected wood trusses. 
A truss is a structural component comprised of a series
of triangular wood panels used to span, reinforce, or support
walls, ceilings, floors and roofs. 
Medford Truss Company will, upon request, visit the job site in the field verify dimmensions for accurate fit of the truss system. 
About Our Products

Medford Truss Co. designs and manufactures wood roof and SY42 floor trusses.  All of our design work is sent to Alpine Engineered Products for review of structural assessment and load checking.  The work is then returned with an engineers' seal, to accommodate the local building department requirements.


Medford Truss Co. also designs and builds steel roof trusses. The commercial and/or residential markets are seeing the value of this new application toward steel requirements.

Medford Truss Company
On Time Delivery and On Budget

Design and Consultancy

Medford Truss Co. uses the world leading design software developed by Alpine Automation.

This computer program can produce designs for almost any truss configuration and, if required, can prepare comprehensive roof layout drawings and details to the exact requirements of individual projects.

The 3D graphics give an accurate picture of what each roof will look like from any perspective.  This system is generally accepted as the industry standard for contract costing and product design.

Medford Truss Company
1450 Antelope Road * White City, OR 97503
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